Gutsy Move to Adult Care

Transition means change.

For the Pediatric IBD team at Mac Kids, transition is an ongoing process or journey from the Pediatric team and clinic to the Adult IBD team and clinic.

It is about becoming more independent and responsible for your choices in life and your health care needs.

Preparation is the key to a successful transition. The goal of transition is to reach your best level of independence. Gradually, you move from dependence on your parents and care givers to independently managing your IBD.

In the beginning of transition, at around 12 to 14 years of age, you are learning new knowledge and responsibility. Then at around 14 to 17 years, you build your knowledge and practice your independence. Eventually, you take charge!!

Transition isn't just for you, it's for your parents and the Pediatric IBD team. All members of your IBD health team will help and guide you and your parents through this process.

For more information, please see the accompanying information for you and your parents.